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What is Service Design?

Services are all those activities that do not offer us a physical good but an intangible experience:
public transport, a hairdresser, a bank… service design emerges since customer demands that become more and more rigorous and the fact that final users need to choose between two options offered in the market, therefore companies claim research.

For example, choosing a hotel to stay does not just depend anymore on location premises and price factors but there are more factors that appear in the equation such as friendly customer service, food quality, coziness, and above all: other customer’s previous reviews.

Service Design helps corporates to position themselves in a market in which technology has made corporates to concentrate not just to offer a physical product but also a digital value attached to that product. Service design enables us to make sure that all those premises coexist helping organizations to really get to know their customers, understanding their wishes and requirements. This will led us to a quality improvement in the services currently offered by the corporate and to the development of new products, services and business models, adding value to their final experience. We want to help you boost your relationship with your user in order to improve loyalty. On the other hand, together we will create effective and efficient systems.

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