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Innovation Strategy

Rosetta Stone

  • Date

    March 14, 2018

  • Skills

    Digital education

  • Client

    Rosetta Stone

  • Language Learning:

    1000 cups of coffee


Rosetta Stone ft. Laurinlab

It is a Stock Market listed language learning company recognised for the notions of flexibility and custom-made teaching, using digital education as a means to reach its objectives.

The idea was born in the 80s as a dormant need by its founders who considered the current methodology in the market too slow and frustrating, so they decided to develop a new program in order to teach foreign languages by total immersion in the culture of the language taught. It became, back then, such an important innovation in the segment, that it was not until 1992 that the state of technology allowed this new method to take place.

What we did:

Keeping in mind the essence of the brand, which attempts to transfer the student to the country of the language they want to learn, we focused our ideas on the concept of a trip or a journey to develop a welcome kit which will be sent to the Head of the school or educational centre once they hire the Rosetta Stone services. We wanted to involved all the team taking part in the language learning process: directors, teachers and students, so we tried to create and develop an useful product for their day-to-day life in school. We transferred the experience of the physical travel to the digital world, inviting teachers and students to travel and discover the world together without stepping out of their classrooms, encouraging cultural immersion blended with language immersion.

We developed different items to be put inside the welcome kit, assisting teachers and making their classes more dynamic and encouraging engagement of the students with the language. A client kit to guide the users of sector k-12 through their language learning. Rosetta Stone lays out the development of a welcome kit with the purpose of: To create an analogue experience at the level of their digital content To ease lesson preparation for teachers To improve customer relationship with the brand since the beginning To distinguish from the current market competition