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Innovation Strategy


  • Date

    March 25, 2018

  • Skills

    Having fun

  • Client



ITZMI ft. Laurinlab

Back in 2017 we were asked to develop and design the iconic product with all the experience and service around an emerging start-up.

What did we do?

During this project we worked hand by hand with the client and manufacturers. We wanted to develop a product which satisfy all the needs of the target audience. After 5 months of work we closed the design process and started making the prototypes. This phase was also followed by the creation of the service around the brand and also the product.

How did we do?

We managed to work and develop different concepts for an outstanding product. Capable of englobing both design and functionality. Laurinlab got completely focused in such a project, giving a full attention and care to its development and release.

As a process we followed our own way of design thinking, with sketches and mental maps to encourage the ideas. We have verified our way of working it's effective and we love to share it with our clients. Making them to participate in the construction of the concept, the development and the prototyping it's part of our system.

ITZMI is family

Our team got involved perfectly with the ITZMI team. We are formed by several design thinkers and sketchers to visualize properly the ideas that come to us. The constant feedback between team was to ensure a perfect way of working and making sure no messages or ideas were left behind. In Laurinlab we love expanding our family and we do so by working with other professionals of the field, capable of teaching and learning in both ways.

The kickstarter campaign will be launched fall 2018